Oralade Pet First Aid Kit

Launching the Oralade Pet First Aid Kit

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown how we go to our vets has changed; most vets are operating at emergency and essential care only. But don’t be alarmed a lot of vets will provide phone calls and video consultations. However, an important tool for any pet family is a first aid kit. We have put together an Oralade COVID-19 Pet First Aid Kit with some of the main recommended items to keep at home.

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Introducing our Pet First Aid Kit

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Oralade Pet First Aid Kit Infographic

Oralade Pet First Aid Kit
Oralade Pet First Aid Kit

Our Pet First Aid Kit Items

  • Bandages
  • Dressing pads
  • Surgical tape
  • Wound dressings
  • Blunt scissors
  • Tick tool kit
  • Oralade GI Support
  • Travel bowl
  • Ice cube tray

Oralade is essential for your first aid kit to help with:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach upset
  • Hot weather
  • Post-op recovery
  • Senior pets

Why Oralade?

  • Highly palatable isotonic formula easily digestible
  • Amino acids & prebiotics for gut health
  • Nourish enterocytes zero fat
  • 100% natural chicken flavour

Buy ORALADE on Amazon

Where you can find us

For more details on Oralade® and Oralade Cat®, to receive a sample, or discuss introducing this product into your veterinary practice with our customer support team, contact us via;

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