The Hidden Dangers of Valentines Gifts – Love your pets this Valentines Day

Valentines Day is another great opportunity at this time of year to show your nearest and dearest how much you love and appreciate them. For many of you that means showering them with lots of gifts including luxuries like chocolates, flowers and wrapped up presents. We know lots of you also share your homes with your beloved pets too and although you may also think of them on Valentines day are you aware of all the hidden dangers that come with some of the luxuries that come into your home on February 14th.

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate and often the more luxurious and dark the better. It is however extremely toxic for your pets. Theobromine poisoning is one of the most treated types of poisoning presented to vets. The darker the chocolate the more theobromine is present. Be poison aware this valentines day and keep chocolates and cooking ingredients away from curious pets. If you do suspect that your curious little furry friend has dipped into the chocolates please do contact your vet immediately as signs of poisoning may not appear straight away but could be working on the animal below the surface. Bring the packaging of any of the products you think may have been consumed, this will help your vet with treatment planning.

Plants and flowers may be in abundance in your home on Valentines day as a sign of appreciation and affection. Often people forget that there are many plants that are toxic for pets. Keep plants out of reach from your pets and below is a guide to dangerous plants for pets to make it easier for you to make more sensible choices for gifts:

Amaryllis bulbs
Asparagus fern
Daffodil bulbs
Day lilies
Lily of the valley
Morning glory
Rhubarb leaves
Sweet pea
Tulip bulbs
Umbrella plant

If you prefer to be surprised on Valentines day with gifts that come in wrapping, please ensure that you dispose of the wrapping properly as once again curious dogs or cats may find it and this could be a choking hazard. Once again if you suspect that your dog or cat has ingested wrapping or ribbons please consult your vet. They will give them a thorough investigation will be able to assist in what to do.

All we have let to say is that we really hope you have a wonderful Valentines day and we hope these tips will help you and your pets have a fun-filled and happy day, Bx

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