Hydrate all year round – Winter Dehyration in pets is a real problem…

If pets are not adequately hydrated, they cannot pant or sweat efficiently, putting them at risk of overheating.

This can be at all times of the year but it is quite common in winter for owners to think of their pets hydration needs slightly less than during the summer months.

Especially if pets are kept outdoors it is vital that bowls are checked and replaced regularly as dipping temperatures may cause water to freeze quickly and their supply may be cut off.

Signs of dehydration in pets include sunken eyes, lethargy, loss of appetite, a dry mouth and depression.

The following useful tips aim to help pet owners know about the importance of proper hydration and get pets drinking more during any season of the year:

Add water to pets’ food – pet food, (especially kibble) has a very low moisture content

Add flavour to pets’ water – adding meat broth to their water will encourage them to drink more

Oralade is a pre-mixed isotonic solution made with natural chicken liver flavour that will encourage your pets to drink…you can order yours online today, your pets will thank you for it …

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