New Year, New Challenge – A time to reassess your pets wellbeing…

So it’s back to another new year and I’m sure if you are anything like me you maybe started with a whole list of goals in the first week of January and they may now seem like a distant memory.

But January should not be about changing everything radically it’s just another point in the year when you can stop and review how things are going.

I think its a good time to reassess in general whats working well and what could be improved on and lets face it everyone get stuck into habits, good or bad and we could all do with a shake up and fresh start.

So here are a few ways you can make a difference to your pets health this year that are easily acheivable and will get you off to a good start:

Firstly why not simply make a check up appointment with your local vet, making sure your vaccinations etc are up to date and keeping on top of things before anything major may need done. They will also weigh your pet and make sure your pet is maintaining a healthy weight and can give advice if not.

Have a look at your pets diet, are they getting enough or too much food, maybe make a diary over the course of the day to check whether they are taking enough food and water to maintain a healthy weight. If you have got stuck in a rut and giving the same treats or food why not shake things up a bit in the new year – there are so many things out there you could try and give more of a variety, as they say it is the spice of life!

Depending on your pet are they getting enough socialising and play time. For happy pets they need to be out and about regularly and it will do you no harm to increase the amount of active time you have together. This is something I’ve been really working on and its paying off for both me and my dogs, fresh air, walking and socialising.

Why not have a look at your pets sleeping/living arrangements perhaps they could do with a spring clean and tidying up, it will give you a project to focus on and your pet will thank you for it.
If you have a new pet this year try out some behavioural classes, we had so much fun at these last Jan/Feb and it was such a benefit to us and our new pup.

There are lots of other clubs you can get involved in – walking groups/ agility training /hiking so see what’s out there for both you and your pet to enjoy… so all that’s left for me to say is happy January and heres to a great new year Bx

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