Autumn – Hidden Dangers for your pet’s health

Ah it’s Autumn once again, one of my favourite times of the year and I think if my dogs could talk they’d say the same.  I just love spending time with our two curious mini-dachshunds, Tootsie and Lavender, strolling through the colourful fallen foliage of our local park.  Although Autumn can be so much fun for you and your pets there are dangers that we all need to be on the look out for.

TICKS are still a problem at this time of year before the really heavy frosts set in so I know I will keep checking my two for ticks and you should do the same.

Autumn is also the time when people start to lay down RODENT POISONS which in most cases are toxic to dogs and cats.

I’ve already noticed in our back garden another problem for many curious pets in autumn and these are MUSHROOMS there are guides available online to check the dangers.

I know from previous years I’ve had to make ADJUSTMENTS TO FOOD IN COLDER WEATHER as our two have seemed to consume more, giving them more energy to keep warm.

Lastly, and this is very close to my heart, is ANTI-FREEZE usage.  We lost our lovely Coco to this a few years back and it was devastating.  Always ensure you flush away any spillages carefully.  We were told that it only takes 1 spoonful of antifreeze to kill a 10lb dog.

I know I will be keeping a check on all of these dangers over the coming months and I will ensure that our two have their best autumn yet, so for now the sun is shining the air is crisp and I’m off to enjoy the colourful countryside around me with my two faves, Tootsie and Lavander.



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