Oralade – a Global Brand, the story behind how Oralade is helping sheep farmers in New Zealand


There are almost as many sheep in New Zealand as there are people. So you can imagine our delight when we received a lovely article from and Irish vet, Jack Phelan, who is based in a veterinary practice in New Zealand. The article is all about Oralade and how it is being used to prevent heat stress in sheepdogs during their spring summer season in New Zealand.

As we are tucking into our lamb this Easter it’s possibly worth thinking about where it has come from and just how much work and stress has gone into its production, not least by the farmers but also the sheep dogs who are vital to this industry.

The farms in this part of the southern hemisphere are vast and even though veterinarians based here will educate farmers in how to manage heat stress in their working dogs, often the workload is too great and many dogs then end up in treatment for heat stroke or this can also end in fatalities.

Oralade was highlighted last month in an article that Jack wrote for a veterinary publication in New Zealand as the go to product for sheep farmers. Not only is it highly palatable encouraging the sheepdogs to drink more readily but it will replenish any electrolytes lost through excessive panting and it provides enough glucose for the dogs to sustain their workrate throughout long days on the farms.

Jack said that in his treatment of many of the working dogs the obvious signs to look out for were vigorous panting, darker than normal gums, dry gums and he also stated that some of the working dogs had collapsed with dehydration. As well as advising on all the necessary precautions he also highly recommended the use of Oralade as a product to combat the adverse affects of dehydration.

We were so happy to read this article and know that our product from Ireland is being promoted and loved by farmers and vets on the other side of the world.

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