Calling all responsible Pet Owners and Veterinary Practitioners…


Whether you are a pet owner or you are working in the veterinary field one of the most FAQs has to be how to keep pets happy and healthy during the stressful firework season. We have produced lots of information over the years to offer advice on the subject but the main thing that we have realised is that PREPARTION is vital.

So how do we, as responsible pet owners and vet practitioners get ready for the next few weeks???


This is vital for vets to advertise and pet owners to avail of. The RSPCA have found that ‘ 45% of dogs are proven to have shown fear during fireworks’. Similar to humans, when afraid the pets coping mechanisms get to work and there is a kid of fight or flight attitude. Therefore many dogs and cats end up lost over this period or worse as they have ran from their homes.


Make sure you have vital food and hydration products for your pet. Many dogs and cats lose their appetite and go off food when they are anxious. Feed them early and have rehydration fluids ready. Oralade GI support is and isotonic formula which replenishes essential fluids and electrolytes and may be useful to get the dog/cat drinking again if they’ve been nauseous as the chicken flavour encourages fluid intake.

Safe spaces

Prepare your home. Create a den for your pet and close off escape routes. Shut curtains and minimise the outside noise if you can by perhaps turning on some music or the TV.

We really do hope that these few tips help everyone have a safe and happy Halloween.


Team Oralade x


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