Winter Dehydration – a real problem for our pets…

Wow what a winter it has been in the UK and Ireland this year!!


Here in the UK there is no real sign of spring in the air yet so we still need to be very aware of some of the real hazards cold weather brings for our pets. For our friends on the other side of the world these problems are still to come, so take note…


How to keep our pets happy and healthy during the colder weather

As responsible pet owners it is our responsibility to look after our pet’s comfort and nutritional needs all year round. In winter even more so. Here in the UK and Ireland we have recently experienced what many were calling ‘the beast from the east’ bringing a lot of snow and cold cold temperatures, some places recorded as low as -12 degrees Celsius which is quite a phenomenon for this part of the world. Unfortunately we heard stories of neglect and dogs dying because of cold conditions which is just unbearable.

Therefore we’ve decided to focus our blog on winter dehydration. In cold temperatures and colder climates one needs to check on their pets regularly. Things to look out for include regular checks on your dogs water bowls – have they frozen over or worse if water supply has temporarily stopped due to blocked pipes, have a ready made solution you can give to your pet to keep them rehydrated like Oralade Hydrate +

Symptoms to look out for if your dog is suffering from dehydration include:

Sunken eyes
Dry gums
Loss of skin elasticity

Keep a close eye on your pets and if you feel that they may be dehydrated here’s what to do.  It very important to get your dog checked out with a vet.  However if like many it was hard to get out on roads during the weather, its vital that you have a ready made palatable solution to get your dog to drink, like Oralade Hydrate +.  It’s a specially formulated Hypotonic drink to quickly replenish fluids, minerals and glucose for optimum hydration.  We still advise you get your dog checked out at the first available opportunity and in some instances they may be put on an IV drip to replace fluids in the worst cases.

Another simple check one can do is a skin check.   Pinch a little skin on your pet’s back or top of their head. If they are well hydrated, the skin should spring back when you release it. As the skin loses moisture, it will move back into place more slowly until, in the most severe cases of dehydration, it does not spring back at all.

We hope we don’t hear any other sorry stories of poor pets losing their life because of cold weather and we hope you as their owners are more prepared.  There will be more time then to have fun with your furry friends to enjoy the white stuff x

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