New Years Resolutions for your pets too…

Happy New Year to all of our loyal readers…

Getting January off to a good start…

I don’t know about you but I just love the clean slate that comes with the onset of January.  I know the dark mornings are difficult and we all are used to laying around but there is nothing better than getting back into a routine and some good practice health wise, whether it be a new diet or exercise routine.

It’s the perfect time of year to keep on top of your pet’s welfare too.  Perhaps with everything else going on your pets have missed out a little or if you happen to be a new pet owner you may need some useful tips.

There are five main areas we need to consider when we have a pet of our own to look after and these are

1. The need for a suitable environment – Perhaps its time to do those much needed repairs to your pets living space, either indoors or outdoors.  A new bed, perhaps new dishes, new toys etc.. can all lead to a happier pet.  Make sure that anything which may be harmful, e.g. fallen branches, rubbish etc… to your pet is removed and they are comfortable.

2.   The need for a suitable diet.  Hopefully you followed our 12 poisons of Christmas articles on dangerous substances for your pets.  Diet is so important for a healthy, happy dog.  If your ever unsure of your breed and what they need ask your local vet.

3.  The need to be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns – Dog training classes are a really useful tool, but its so important to understand the breed of dog you have chosen as each breed will have different behaviour patterns and its with understanding that you will be able to create better routines.  Not one of us is the same so it’s completely the same for our dogs.


4.  The need to be housed with or apart from other animals as required – like humans animals may desire socialisation and the company of other animals although not all animals enjoy that so again get to know your breed and adjust accordingly.  There is nothing worse than an unhappy dog.

5.  This is probably the most important need, the need to be protected from pain, injury or disease.  It’s your responsibility to take your pet for regular check ups to the vet and look after their health.  If this has fallen by the wayside with the Christmas rush use January and the new year as a time to get back on track.  Most vets are understanding of financial constraints and offer many ways to pay to spread costs.  The healthier you keep your pet the better.

So there you have it five simple steps to get you started in the right direction for the new year.  For those of you who are lucky enough to have inherited a new pet for Christmas you have no idea of the fun you will have in store but you need to make sure an d follow these steps for a happier healthier time for you and your new companion.

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