An insight into the care of puppies and considerations when keeping a pet by Rory Cowlam

Thinking of getting a dog for Christmas?

I am so jealous! You must be so excited…

I could probably write a 7 book series on what you should be thinking about and considering now you’re going to get a dog. Whether you’re an experienced dog owner looking to add a new member of the family or a first time pooch owner, here are a few things to have a quick think about:

1: Is the dog right for you?

Where are you getting the dog from? Is it a rescue (please say yes!) and if so have the kennels said anything about temperament or what he/she is like? If not then try and work it out… visit the dog and make sure all their quirks fit you and your life.

2: What about the breed?

Yes thats right, you’ve got some homework to do! Why don’t you contact owners of the breed you’re wanting and see what they say about them? Learn about their health issues as well as their personality and if you’re really struggling… send me a message! I’ll be happy to share my experiences!

N.B – crossbreeds from rescues are quite often more healthy and amazing dogs in the long run (***my opinion***)

3: Vaccines, flea treatments, worming, neutering, microchipping and all that jazz…

Firstly – get your dog chipped (its a legal requirement)
Secondly – get your dog vaccinated
Thirdly – treat your dog for fleas and worms
Fourthly – if you’re not going to neuter your pet… that’s fine, but do it for the right reasons and talk to your vet (we aren’t bad people)!

Cor that was easy right?


Get your pet insured. Yes it’s expensive… But it’s worth it when you’ve got that £5000 bill because Father Christmas came down the chimney and accidentally fell on your new puppy (it could happen)…

When you’re looking for a policy go and chat to your vet or someone in the know… they will be happy to help!

My personal view is I don’t really mind who you insure with (as a general rule) but please always get a “for life” policy. If not you may as well be putting that money in a bank account and saving it for if your dog does get ill.


This could be interesting…

Now, times are changing. People are jumping on all sorts of fad diets and putting coconut oil on everything from their cereal to their spaghetti bolognaise… and its not just their own food!

There are a lot of new diets coming onto the market for our pets. Whether it is raw, grain-free, vegetarian (yes unfortunately this is a thing), vegan (i know!), natural, processed, vac-packed, frozen… I could go on!

I’m not going to get into a brawl discussing this in too much depth (phew) but can I just suggest you talk to your friends with dogs, talk to your vet, message me, or contact whoever you know that may have some decent knowledge on this matter.

The thing to take away from this is you need to pick the right food for your pet, and yes remember, they are all different!

N.B… can I please ask that you don’t make your own diet for your dog unless you’re a veterinary nutritionist? Thanks 🙂

Okay I’m going to stop there… its crazy how ranty you can get once you start typing!

If you think I’ve missed anything then let me know or PLEASE if you have any questions fire away via the Oralade facebook page…


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