Introducing Our Oralade Bloggers

Welcome to our Oralade Blog

Welcome to Oralade’s first ever blog. We are very excited that our website has now launched, our social media presence is ever growing and we can now present our blog, which has been something we always aspired to do. We are extremely lucky to have three guest bloggers at the minute that will be bringing lovely articles your way each month.


First up is Rory Cowlam BVetMed MRCVS

Rory knew he was going to be a vet ever since his family got their first dog when he was just 4 years old. Originally a Cotswolds boy, he moved to London to study at the Royal Veterinary College and has stayed close to the big city since graduating in 2015.

Rory has worked in the past in a 24hr veterinary hospital so he will bring so much to our blog in the many cases he has seen and worked with. He is extremely passionate about veterinary medicine and we are so excited to have him on board with our blog.

Some of our younger readership might be more aware of Rory from his work on The Pet Factor CBBC.

Keep an eye out for some of his articles this month.



Our Second feature blogger is Tima Lund BEng BSc PGCE

Tima is first and foremost a dog owner. However, this is not where her experience ends. She is a trainer, behaviour modifier and breeder. Growing up alongside her granddad’s German Pointer, she never really had a chance not to be a ‘dog person’ as she describes herself. Her first own working dog was a GSD when she was 8 years old. Tima has worked as a kennel maid, agility trainer, pet dog trainer and behavioural trainer helping people and dogs get along better. Currently she specialises in breeding working dogs that are particularly suited to becoming top level competitive agility dogs, but she is aware they should be companions and friends as well.


Her interest in whole dog welfare has lead her to a deeper understanding of nutritional needs and the value of correct hydration for both pet dogs as well as top athlete dogs.


We can’t wait for the first of Tima’s blogs that will be available this Monday which highlights the impact that loud noises and fireworks has on the stress and anxiety levels of pets, including hints and tips from her years of experience keeping her animals happy.

Our third featured blogger is Dr Nuno Paixão

Nuno is proprietor of the well known Hospital Vet Central in Portugal. He has also lectured at Ontario Veterinary College in Canada. He is currently working in the Middle East with the Tactical Medicine Special Unit in the Middle East. Nuno’s various genres of expertise is sure to be an exciting read for all of you following our blog and we are excited to hear from him this month.







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